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Automated SCOM Maintenance Mode according to SCCM Maintenance Windows

The SCCM option “Disable Operations Manager alerts while software updates run” in package / application / software update deployments is not triggering SCOM Maintenance Mode.

With this option checked SCCM client will only pause the SCOM agent during deployment, and this is not the equivalent to SCOM Maintenance Mode.
This has been already explained nicely in article, and maybe in a few others.

I have developed a solution to address this issue.
It is as compact as a SCOM 2012 Management Pack, for SCOM 2012.
Once imported, the MP workflows will take care of all the automation to place in Maintenance Mode monitored Windows servers exactly as per Maintenance Windows associated with SCCM collections.

There is absolutely no need for any other tools (like Orchestrator) or services outside SCOM. Nor any user intervention. Patching weekends will go by alert free.

If interested, please contact me