AddOn DFS Replication Management Pack (part #2 – featured monitoring)

This is second part of the documentation for my recent MP addition to TechNet Gallery:


The AddOn.DFSReplication MP introduces a new class “DFS-R Replication Connection”. It is very similar to the “Replication Connection” defined by the Microsoft Windows Server DFS Replication MP, the only difference is that it doesn’t have the BacklogCount property – instead being a property it would be more appropriate to be a monitored counter.

AddOn.DFSReplication MP discovers by default instances of this new class.
Check the “DFS-R Replication Connection” instances discovered in the “DFS-R Replication Connections” dashboard.

Note. “Replication Connection” class instances are not discovered by default by Microsoft Windows Server DFS Replication MP; even enabled, in some cases, it fails to discover all the DFS-R replication connections.


Three new monitors are added by AddOn.DFSReplication MP:
DFS-R: Backlog File Count (Monitor) – periodically (every 1h) checks the backlog file count and triggers warning alert in case its value is not zero.
DFSRDIAG Error Check (Monitor) – periodically (every 1h) checks that DFSRDIAG executes without encountering errors; in case errors are found it triggers warning alert.


DFS-R: Replication Service stopped replication on Volume – looks after event id 2213 in DFS Replication log; this event id is missed by the Microsoft DFS Replication MPs and actually a good indication of issues with replication.


Sample generated alerts:



The following tasks are added by AddOn.DFSReplication MP:
“Resume Replication” for “Replication Volume”
“BackLof File Count (dfsrdiag)” for “DFS-R Replication Connection”
“DFSRDIAG SyncNow” for “DFS-R Replication Connection”
“DFSRDIAG PollAD” for “DFS Replication Service”

All tasks are executed in the “DFS Replication Monitoring Account” security context and are returning verbose output of the actions performed. All parameters are filled in contextually, from target properties.

Examples below:







All DFS active monitoring is performed by monitors and not rules. This means it is safe to assume that detected issues are reflected in state changes.

Here are the screenshots for the dashboards that are configured in the AddOn.DFSRReplication.Presentation MP:





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